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Eyed ladybird
Photo: Jeroen Mentens

Eyed ladybird
Photo: Jeroen Mentens

Eyed ladybird
Photo: Tim Faasen

Eyed ladybird

Eyed ladybird

Eyed ladybird

Eyed ladybird
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Eyed ladybird

Anatis ocellata Linnaeus

Français: Coccinelle ocellée  
Deutsch: Augenfleck-Marienkäfer
Nederlands: Oogvleklieveheersbeestje

Subfamily: Coccinellinae
Tribus: Coccinellini

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Size min: 6mm - max: 9.5mm
Spots min: 4 - max: 11
Shieldcolor(s) Red Orange Reddish-brown

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Photo: Jaap Smits

photo: Corrie Gijzen

photo: Corrie Gijzen

Photo: Ben Hamers larve

photo: Lo Troisfontaine

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AbreviationEnglish nameScientific nameColoursNumber of spots
ANAOCE Eyed ladybirdAnatis ocellatarood/zwartong. 16
Naaldbosaphids bladhaantjeslarven

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